EmotionReader is the best-in-class solution for email encryption. We offer to raise your online security and threat protection to the new level of brilliance.


Our team got more than decade of experience in cybersecurity, encryption and data breach prevention. We developed multiple solutions and applications to help our users protect theirselves from different threats in modern Internet realities.


Right now we highly depend on the security and reliability of the Global Web, and email is a backbone of today’s business communication. But most of users don’t know that Email still works on SMTP protocol, developed in 1982. And it was not fit for privacy or security at all.

It means that Emails are sent in Plain text. They travel unencrypted via untrusted email relays where owners can do whatever they want with your data. It even requires no hacking or malware to read the data.

The risks of regular Email usage became too high to deal with. We think people should know how dangerous email may be and what risks they take when sharing sensitive data via Email.

Everyone should be protected with professional secure email alternatives and start feeling secure in their businesses and private everyday life.

Our Mission

Secure communication should become a basic right and we are going to provide it for all people.

We offer end-to-end encryption, providing forward and backward secrecy.

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