Secure Communi­cation

If you are reading this – you are definitely above the curve in secure communications. Most of people thinks that they “got nothing to hide” and become victims of a hack or break-in. The main reason – providing hackers more data than it’s necessary. EmotionReader would eliminate data leaks from your personal and business email correspondence.

Full Transparency

You would know who and when read your email. Email encryptoin keys would be stored only on your device and nobody else would be able to log in to your email and read messages.

Absolute Encryption

We use military encryption standards that were never hacked or brute forced. Every step of your communication is encrypted and fully protected on each side with end-to-end encryption. Such an approach is used in the most protected and scientifically backed communication systems providing uncompromising level of security and privacy.

Simple Integration

Just turn on our extension to start sending your email via secure channel! No complicated registration and account creation needed. Install and use – is our principle!

Flexible Payments

We accept payments in both, digital fiat and crypto currencies, including bank wires, altcoin transactions and others. Fintech is here!